Data Analysis/Coding Projects

These are some simple projects I've performed to answer various miscellaneous questions. Click on the project titles to see more detail about each project. (More project details will be added soon)

Seasonal Computer CPU Temperature

Analyzed fan speed data recorded from my old computer over the course of a year to see if seasonal temperature had any affect on computer CPU temperature. Current season and computer fan speeds were used as proxies for both variables, respectively.

Sleep Quality

Used sleep quality data from the Sleep Cycle iOS app to determine if the amount of activity per day, measured in number of steps taken, had any affect on the percent sleep quality. Sleep quality was determined by how much movement was recorded while sleeping.

Average Length of Time for a Republic

Based on the current political state of affairs, this analysis takes data scraped from wikipedia regarding the length of time certain republics around the world have lasted. The goal was to compare how long our government has lasted thus far to the average length of time all other republics have lasted.