My name is Kevin Doyle. I am a graduate of Stony Brook University, having both attained my undergraduate degree in Biology in 2013 and my masters in applied evolution in 2015 in the department of Ecology and Evolution. During my undergraduate career, I performed research in Dr. Stephen Baines's Lab of Aquatic Ecology and continued work there while I completed my masters. I also began focusing on bioinformatics and computational biology during my masters, and now currently work at Columbia University Medical Center as a Data Scientists for the Neurocritical Intensive Care Unit. Read more about the laboratory work I have done under the Research section. Please note that this site is still under construction for the forseable future


My prior project focused on food quality regarding nutrient limitation. I observed the effect of low iron on the copepod Acartia tonsa. Specifically, I determined the specific concentration of iron where these copepods began to show signs of limitation. I am now working on preparing these results for publication.

My more recent project involves concepts in the fields of Computational Biology and Evolutionary Genetics. I am currently working on a project concerning the evolution of allopolyploidy in Arabidopsis thaliana where I am analyzing haplotype variance among various individual strains to deduce at what point allopolyploid individuals evolved from autopolyploid individuals.

Please note that this site is very out of date. Feel free to view my other online presences for more up-to-date information.

If you wish to see any computational work I have done, some small projects dealing with simple data analyses can also be found on my GitHub.